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WebLetz a Cardiff Letting Agent and provider of low cost, fixed price letting agent solutions such as £120 professional tenant finders, 5% property management and rent guarantee are also very selective about which potential tenant they show around you buy to let and investment property as we have a process in place of ensuring all enquiries result in a pre-referenced tenant.
From a landlords perspective it’s important to reduce void periods and gaps between tenancy agreements, but it is also equally as important to ensure you get the right tenant who is going to pay the rent on time each month and treat your property with respect that why every prospective tenant registered with WebLetz a Cardiff Letting Agent is a pre-referenced tenant.
That’s why WebLetz a Cardiff Letting Agent ask every tenant who contacts us regarding one of our rental properties to complete a short “tenant registration” form. Part of this form asks a tenant to provide the name and contact detail of their last two landlords and we request their permission to contact their previous landlord for a reference before they even view one of properties.
WebLetz a Cardiff Letting Agent tenant referencing is a unique approach and ensures we provide our Landlords with the full picture which you wouldn’t get from a referencing agency enabling us to ascertain how a tenant may conduct themselves throughout a tenancy agreement. We have found landlords can give a one hundred per cent unbiased and informative opinion as they have had one to one experience in dealing with the tenant at first hand.
Why do we pre-reference tenant before a property viewing?
We only want the best tenants available for our landlord’s property so by referencing before we show a property we are straight away able to “separate the wheat from the chaff” freeing up more of our time to concentrate on desirable tenants with no skeletons in the closet who are not going to slow the process up. 
We have found that referencing up front results in a more efficient rental process giving piece of mind to landlords in Cardiff and across South Wales. Referencing prior to viewings removes tenants who have had disputes with landlords at the first stage of the rental process, not just before a tenancy agreement is about to be signed. Our method of referencing produces a reduction in the time to find a tenant for your property and results in a hassle free tenancy.
WebLetz a Cardiff Letting Agent provides a host of letting agent solutions for landlords in Cardiff and across South Wales including:
·         £120 Professional Tenant Finders service
·         5% Property Management  fee
·         Rent Guarantee and Rental Income Insurance
·         HMO tenant finders and property management services
Webletz a Cardiff Letting Agent can be contacted via email  or by telephone 0845 496 0000.
 Why not visit Cardiff Letting Agent  to register for our FREE guides:
Reduce Void Periods and Receive Rent on Time
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