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October, 2011
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Like many of us I have been watching Chanel 4’s series “The Great British Property Scandal” which is highlighting our need for more affordable housing. The program has been bombarding us with figures such as there are 1 million empty homes in the UK and 2 million families in the UK are in a need of a home, as well as highlighting government and local council mistakes of carrying out large scale compulsory order schemes that have destroyed communities and increased the UK housing problem.
Although compulsory order schemes have added to the problem, a large percentage of houses left empty are privately owned, in November 2010 Shelter Cymru called for councils to bring 26,000 empty privately-owned homes in Wales back into use. So what can be done to turn these properties into affordable family homes? The answer may be Empty Dwelling Management Orders (EDMOs).
What is an EDMO?
Wikipedia says an Empty Dwelling Management Order( EDMO’s) are a legal device used in England and Wales, which enable local authority to put an unoccupied property back into use as housing. EDMOs were created by the Housing Act 2004, with the relevant legislation coming into effect in mid-2006.
EDMO’s sound like a great solution for local authorities to take control of houses left empty and turn them around to create affordable social housing, but what I can’t believe that since they were introduced in 2006 only 50 EDMO’s have been instructed in the UK and only 3 have been granted in Wales.
However I have read today, which prompted me to create this post that Carmarthenshire council in Wales has used a Final Empty Dwelling Management Order (FEDMO) to gain temporary control of a property. 
Empty Dwelling Management Order (EDMO) legislation allows councils to take over the management of empty residential properties with a view to agreeing with owners a plan to bring them back into occupation and a FEDMO is the final stage in the process which enables local authorities to take over management of an empty property for up to seven years enabling the property to be returned to a rentable standard
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